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I choose supplements based on quality assurance and therapeutic dosing to ensure you see the best results from your treatment plan.  Your choice to give your body the highest quality targeted nutrition, botanicals and supportive compounds will provide you with the outcome you desire.  Please remember that if something is “cheaper”, so is the quality.
I have multiple online portals to ensure you receive the highest quality and products that are not expired or sold by 3rd party vendors.  All are free, provide secure purchasing, a discount off retail and free shipping right to your door with orders over a specified amount.

  • Fullscript is my main supplement portal and provides the largest catalog of professional-grade supplements. You can also find skin & body care products, protein powders and more. Click here to purchase supplements through Fullscript. If something cannot be found here, please refer to these other trusted, doctor resourced portals for purchasing the highest quality,

  • Natural Partners: Use the code: MYVITALITY when you create an account to receive special pricing.

  • Metagenics specific products: Use the code: DrRachel when you create an account to receive special pricing.

  • Thorne specific products: Go to to set up your account.

  • You can find things on Amazon, I cannot guarantee same quality. I have seen issues with products past expiration. If the price seems too good to be true, it might be. Please feel free to ask me.


Some of My Favorite things...


When someone or something resonates with your JOY and lights you up, trust that and dive in. As a Desire Map Facilitator I LOVE sharing what DLP has created and thus I share these yummy things with you.

Everything you create starts with the spirit of your intention—and The Desire Map Planner is a practical (and beautiful) tool for that intentionality.  We can plan with clarity of our heart’s desires and infuse our daily lives with soul. The Desire Map Planners.

TRUTHBOMB DECKS.  Daily inspiration.  Words that make you FEEL and often offer just what you need; a gentle nudge to say YES to more of the life you desire.

OTHER FAVORITE ORACLE DECKS:  making daily life way more fun and magical:



Plants have a spirit, a wisdom waiting to inform and support us.  Essential oils are a special kind of medicine and you deserve the highest quality. 
I use Snow Lotus and Floracopeaia in my practice due to their superior quality and effectiveness. 

Aroma-Acupoint Therapy or AAT is a gentle, completely safe and profoundly effective treatment modality that utilizes the energetic treatment potential of pure essential oils and acupoints combined. I am proud to offer this in my treatment room as it is excellent for adults and children alike!


BEMER PHYSICAL VASCULAR THERAPY  :  Self healing, Anti-aging and prevention medicine.

Improve your circulation, heal your body, change your life.

Well researched, European designed Pulsed Electromagnetic Field medical device that enhances microcirculation in the body for healing and thriving!  I offer sessions at Connect 5 days a week, rent units out for weekly or monthly use and you may also choose to invest in your longevity by purchasing a unit for in home use. Your body will experience improved general blood flow for delivery of nutrient and oxygen supply as well as assisting waste removal. The result is improved ENERGY, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance strength, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, relaxation response and more restful sleep. 

Read more about the importance of our microcirculation here:

Check out this video on the importance of GOOD BLOOD FLOW.

Curious? Want to know more?  Contact me about Bemer Therapy today! 


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The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – I’m a facilitator of this work….it’s good stuff.

More to come...I've got so many.


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