I believe it is in each other we find ourselves. 

This being human is so much more fun when we come together to play and explore, to grow and truly KNOW ourselves; from the inside out.
If you are here right now, something deep inside you is asking you to pay attention. You are NOT broken, wrong, too much or too little. You are so much more than you realize. You are LOVE in a body.

Let’s gather and remember together.  

“Dr. Rachel’s monthly gatherings are the magical soul candy I had been searching for. Participating in her workshops and now showing up monthly has sweetened my inner awareness, and left me wanting to experience and taste more of my own greatest desires“. — Sparrow Higgins. Portland, Oregon


Join other women each month who are waking up, returning to their heart’s core desires and finding radical acceptance within sisterhood.

We come together to take pause, to nourish our bodies and practice using our voice.  Declaring our intentions for a life that feels really, really good and becoming that which we want to see more of in the world.

Something profound always happens when we sit in circle.

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February 20-27, 2021
Haramara, Sayulita Mexico

There is something special that happens when you gift yourself time to get quiet, rest and circle up live and in person. Healing happens when you surround yourself by nature and give yourself permission to unplug, even for just a week.

This experience will transform you.

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Offerings coming soon:

Embody Your Desire 

Expand your beliefs. Claim your desires. Fall in love…with YOU.

Transform your relationship with your body:
A special One day Desire Map Workshop


Date for 2019 COMING SOON. Join my list for updates.


This struggle affects their health and happiness as well as business and relationships.

This special day long experience will help us begin a deeper process of healing our relationship to ourselves and our precious bodies.

For the wellbeing of all.

Because when women become whole, everyone benefits.

Let’s transform our relationship to ourselves and our bodies together. ROOT down to RISE up. We need you to embody your light….


Desire Map 1-on-1 coaching

How do you want to feel? In your body, your mind, your relationships?

Most of us aren’t chasing goals (health or otherwise) or accomplishments the way we think.  What we are really after is how we hope THAT THING, person, place or experience will make us FEEL at the having of it.

Getting honest, showing up for yourself and declaring how you really want to feel allows for a new kind of transformation.

Applying this in my own life, has been one of the best tools I've found to enhance my sense of vitality.  When I focus on how I want to feel and take action in that direction amazing things seem to happen. YOU can experience this in your life as well. Your desires want you as much as you want them.

TOGETHER we will help you get super clear on how you want to feel and then co-create a plan to help you integrate this knowing throughout your life.  

Let's create something magical:  email me directly or jump in and schedule a session HERE.

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"Thank you again for such a special weekend! Having extra time to not only "do the work" but to also play, relax, eat, create and dream together allowed me to be more vulnerable and authentic with my expression.  I was cracked open in so many good ways. To have the time to connect on a deeper level with women who are truly looking be awake was so special and priceless. I hope this is a yearly event, at the very least!" — Shannon C. Portland, OR

Transformation happens when you focus on creating a life led by your core desired feelings and take inspired action from there every day. 

Healing = restoring wholeness.

Healing happens..... 

.........when you get super clear on what you most want out of YOUR life and then joyfully plan and take action to make it happen.

WARNING: After doing this work and declaring their Core Desired Feelings, people have been known to make changes. You may quit stuff, launch something new, stand up, declare your love, shine brighter.  (I’ve actually seen this happen!!!)

Knowing your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) allows you the clarity to make powerful new choices in every area of your life.  Let’s work together to reclaim your life in a way that supports what you truly desire.

And in case you are curious about my CDFs, they are:

Love ~ Luminosity ~
Playful ease ~ Connection.


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It’s never too late to life a life that feels good!

A life that you consciously choose; 

one that lights you up from the inside out!