"How do you eradicate darkness from the room?  
You turn on the light."

— Abraham Hicks

Are you ready to feel more at home in your body?  More at ease, energized, confident and experiencing a sense of personal power?

Your body is talking to you, it’s time to deeply listen. 

I use the word "Coach" lightly, but this got you to this page, yes?  Some part of you desires guidance and accountability. I invite you to think of me more as a Truth Guide.  I feel, sense and see energy.  When you ask me to be a witness to your experience I see behind the veil you can't see or feel yourself wrapped in.  Am I psychic? Yes, but not in a way most use the word. The divine feminine principle moves through me in ways I don't have words for, but know in every cell in my body.

Let’s cut through the confusion of the many conflicting messages about wellness, health, nutrition, fitness, what tests to run, how to interpret them and all the advice from other doctors, coaches, friends, and family members.

I will guide you with a diet-free approach to body love, empowered self care and ways to perceive your experience so that you appreciate yourself, your body, your life in ways you never thought possible.

I offer Vitality consultations, coaching and guidance in Person, by phone or via the web.

  • For in-person Wellness Consultations in Portland, OR, I am available for appointments at Connect Wellness.

  • Wherever you are on the globe, I am available for private consultation, wellness mentoring and guidance. I offer virtual sessions to help you gain new insight into feeling your best.

  • I am now offering Immersion VIP days and weekends with Dr. Rachel. These deeper dives allow us to explore the root of what is keeping you from the energized, vibrant, and joyful you. We will have the time to immerse and integrate and help you feel confident about your plan moving forward. Whether in Portland or on the Oregon Coast, get inspired, gain clarity, experience the transformation that is possible when we are willing to get honest about how we feel and open our minds to possibility. This is beyond a doctor visit, this is where deeper healing happens.
    Contact me if you are interested in the unique and deeper work I offer.

My sessions are individualized and personalized to meet you in the season of life and the place of healing you are in.  If you are ready to learn how to take radical self responsibility for how you feel, you’ve found your accountability partner and guide.

There is no new you to discover, just the true you to remember.       

Let’s discover what YOU need to feel better.  

You deserve to feel good, to thrive in your body and in your life.

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Change your perspective. Heal your life.

The ability to change our perspective is a powerful skill and is my area of expertise.  It's time to open your senses to your aliveness. The all of you is sacred.

Whole wellness happens when we commit to taking care of ourselves in a deep and HONEST way. Vitality naturally arises when we make choices motivated by our desire to feel good verses out of fear or avoidance of pain. I will help you stay accountable so that you enhance your well being and vitality rather than impede it.

YOU are much more than your diagnosis, symptoms, roles or labels.  You are an expression of life force energy and you deserve a personalized wellness plan that is as unique as you. 

When your health and well being becomes a priority, every other area of your life also thrives!

I believe our life is a dynamic and beautiful journey of returning home to ourselves.

I am here to help you fall in love.

In love with the miracle that is your body.

If you are a health or lifestyle coach and wish to collaborate, there are ways we can work together to optimize your client’s results! With my formal medical training and your particular area of focus, together we can create a “dream team” for lasting transformation.  Contact me for more information.