Nature Knows part 1 — Trust your Roots.

Wow. There’s a lot going on. Isn't there always?  The weather of life always blowing, always asking us to root down. To trust like never before.


Media madness….events and invitations and the next best thing to buy, do, become. Energy out, energy out and OUT.

Communications out the wazoo about how to make more, create more, do more, jumping ahead to the future of what could be, both good and "bad". Really? Uh, excuse me but what about the right NOW. Don't you see the beauty all around you? All that is thriving?  Don't you see what is already so RIGHT, all that you already have?  

Here’s a little suggestion…..

SLOW THE FRICK DOWN. (those of you who know me, I really want to use the 4 letter word…..)

“Ok Dr. Rachel HOW can I do that? There’s so much going on!”

Just take a breath. A really deep breath. All the way to your toes, deep into your bones. Now take another. Now one more……no, seriously, right now, take a breath.

Place your hands over your heart.
Feel that?! 
If that isn't magic, I don't know what is.

And guess what else? 
Energetically and cosmically, there’s always even more going on.  How are you honoring your own cycles of light and dark?

It is time we begin to invest more in understanding the complex reality of our situations and to double down on creative responses to it.
Now is the time to reinvent or completely renounce the institutions that do not have our freedom and well-being in mind.
Now is the time for greater engagement from each and every one of us.

Now is the time to til the soil, pull those weeds of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and the ways we beat up our bodies, ourselves and each other. AND plant NEW seeds that hold the intention of RADICAL change.

How are we supposed to do this?

SLOW THE FUCK DOWN. (Ahh, that’s better).

We don't need a Mercury in retrograde to take time every once in a while to REview, REmember, REfine, REdefine…..REjoice, REjuvenate, RESTORE.  Stop being be afraid, and instead just SLOW DOWN.

Be willing to BREATHE more, and allow that LIFE FORCE to permeate you, illuminating what it is YOU REALLY WANT.  

How do you know what you really want? SLOW DOWN and just ask this….HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?
No really. Ask. Now.


Yes, right now....breathe...ahh, there it is.

If we don’t slow down and begin to get to know ourselves better, listen for the whispers of our intuition, feel the sensations in our precious bodies without running away or numbing out, we will never really know our own answer. We’ll give some bullshit one, like a christmas list of stuff we don’t really need.

Here’s what I know for sure.

  • Life will not slow down, WE have to choose to. (And MUST if we wish to stay vital).
  • The external world will never give you permission or the condition you think is perfect to allow you to say yes to something you want, you have to chose YOU and your own wellness without apology.
  • Nature is showing us exactly how to BE. How to come into perfect balance with our essence. Are you paying attention? Are you slowing down, taking time to reflect on all that seasons past have provided in order to now nourish your roots and prepare you for the winds of change that are sure to be ahead?
  • Whatever it is you want in your life, it’s 100% because you think you will feel a certain way by the having of it.
  • Clarity only comes out of stillness and Clarity is power.
  • What ever your body is expressing right now it’s because there is something for you to pay attention to. Get still, the answer is in there, it always has been.
  • Vitality comes from the inside out. Well-being is available to us at all moments regardless of external realities. In the stillness we discover this.

Ok, take another deep breath.

Seriously, right now….


I invite you to slow down enough to remember how much you have already survived, have already accomplished, have already changed.  To take time to acknowledge yourself and your life, all the gifts and the lessons, has a magic all it’s own. Send your roots deep, trust the earth (your body) you are growing in.  It will hold you. Nourish it and it will help you thrive. Now once again, BREATHE.

I see your light and it’s quite extraordinary. Thank you for being here.

XO Rachel

Rachel Eppinga