Everything is energy, including you!

In our modern world we are busier than ever and also more depleted.  I am here to assist you on the journey toward genuine health and wholeness and ACUPUNCTURE is a trusted aspect of my approach.

You don’t have to be familiar with the concepts or principles of energy flow within your body to appreciate the effectiveness of this modality.  Accelerated self-healing occurs by returning and maintaining equilibrium both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Whether for pain reduction, stress management or whole body wellness, after almost 20 years of practice, the magic of acupuncture still astounds me.


Aroma-Acupoint Therapy

I am trained to use high-quality essential oils in my treatments.   The plants have incredible healing powers and affect not only the physical body, but ease the mind and balance your emotional state.  

This gentle approach is excellent for children or for those deeply sensitive or struggling with anxiety. Does the idea of needles freak you out?  The oils allow me to provide you with a needle-less acupuncture experience if that is what you require.

Acupuncture promotes your body’s natural healing mechanisms by regulating the flow of vital energy, harmonizing your Yin and Yang aspects (feminine and masculine) and stimulating the immune system in a healthy manner. The oils amplify this effect.  The combination is powerful, effective and non-invasive.

My patients generally find their treatments relaxing and rejuvenating and an excellent complement to their health and wellness care.

If you are specifically seeking acupuncture or wish to include it with your naturopathic consult, please count on a 90 minute new patient visit. Follow up visits for acupuncture are 45-60 minutes.

With acupuncture the effects are cumulative. The number of visits required depends on your particular case and response to treatment. Although some find significant relief in the first 1-4 treatments, a course of 10 is often recommended as a starting point.