I am love. You are love. At the core of our being-ness is LOVE.

Rachel Eppinga

I believe that little changes things the way Love and attention can. Not the romantic kind of love, I’m talking about that BIG LOVE, the love that is at the center and the core of all things.  
The LOVE that nourishes, allows, opens and creates.
The Love that knows when to say YES and NO.
The LOVE that heals.

Self Love is so much more than we’ve been taught.  It is in falling in love with the fullness of who you are that heals you.  It has healed and continues to heal me.

I have had to learn this the hard way. I didn’t like my body, let alone know how to listen to her.  She had to get really loud for me to wake up enough to get the help I needed. More than once.

The first time sparked my desire to become a physician.

The second, was when my body crashed and put me in the hospital from what was labeled as autoimmunity at the end of med school.  Ulcerative Colitis debilitated me. I thought my body had betrayed me. Worse still, I felt alone, scared, angry and as if somehow I was fundamentally broken.

I healed and am still healing.  My health struggles have been a gift because I have learned how to see them that way. MY body always guiding me into a more kind and loving relationship with myself, with others, with LIFE.   For that, I deeply bow in appreciation.

I’ve come to know the incredible things that happen when I LEAN IN and SAY YES to life even if it’s scary and the outcome was unknown. By trusting my HEART’s YES above all rational thinking or fear,  I have also experienced an opening, a returning to more of ME, more JOY and healing that goes beyond the physical right into the HEART of all things. LOVE.


And what have I discovered?

My body is my Guru. She knows way before my mind does. And when I trust my heart’s light, things happen as if by magic and everything is always working out for me.

I also discovered I am more than a skilled Doctor and Acupuncturist.

I am a Wayshower. Truth Guide. Teacher.

I hold numinous alchemical wisdom in my bones.

I am Sprite of Nature at heart, always desiring to play. 

I have Wood-Flora-Tree medicine that moves through me.

I am Embodied Love. A Permissionary of the Light, Rooted in her Earth.

And...I am so much more than any role, label, diagnosis or opinion of another.

Yes, I am an excellent Functional Medicine physician and my own kind of special Acu-Artist and that’s why you are here.  I am also a quantum doctor — I play in energy, see it, feel it, move around in it. My practice is eclectic in that I see you as a whole complex being, stunning, complicated, a beautiful mess with nothing to fix. Only your true nature to remember.

I had to learn the hard way that there is no 5 or 10 step plan, no magic pill that will save anyone. Only a determined decision to care for myself differently and get the support I need to continue to evolve and expand my perspectives about life and living in this precious human body.

You can because I did and still am.

It is my passion to show others a potentially more direct path; to avoid some of the drudgery I had to endure because no one was showing me how.  With guidance we all can get still enough to feel our ALIVENESS and ask more potent and powerful questions.

My practice as a healer is an alchemy of my deep love and respect for the mysteries of Nature and of OUR essential nature as human beings.  

I wish I could sprinkle fairy dust on everyone and have them see what I see. Beauty in every drop of this life.
That LOVE is everywhere at the core of it all and life is calling to us to notice with every breath.
That our bodies are our temple and our altar and most of all our greatest teacher.  
That illness is not wrongness and that real forgiveness and humility bring us home to ourselves.

WE ARE NOT dragging these bodies around or trapped in this flesh and bones, OH NO!  Our body is the only reason we get to have this experience at all and that my friend, deserves our deepest respect.


I STAND FOR...learning to trust ourselves, our bodies and each other so we can rise up into our fullness. Radiant, vibrant, energized.  Healing ourselves and by doing so enhancing the well-being of all.

I STAND FOR...giving up the need to be right. Instead listening to each other, to our bodies and our heart’s core desires more deeply; asking many more questions before acting, speaking, hitting send.

I STAND FOR...women deciding to come home to their bodies, discovering their innate creative power and falling madly in love with themselves so that the love they share in the world comes from a place of radical plentitude. Embodied sovereignty that leads to thriving.

I STAND FOR...community, tribe, sisterhood and REAL integrity within it all.  
No woman or child left behind….ever again.

I STAND FOR LOVE. The LOVE that is the golden central thread of every speck of everything in the Mega-verse...the LOVE that is the I AM that decided to experience itself, the LOVE that I AM, that you are, that is everything and NO-thing, nameless and infinite possibility.  

I STAND FOR...waking up and feeling my aliveness more than ever before each day so that you might be given permission to do the same.

We all deserve to feel good.
It’s time to believe we can do more than survive, we can thrive.

I have a vision of changing the way our modern world views health and healing. I believe that each and every one of us has to take ownership of our experiences of living. We do this by gaining deeper insights into the inner workings of our bodies, be keen observers of and partner with our mind and learn to be in harmony with our energies (emotions and projections). We become empowered as we remember what has been with us all along, as our well-being, our vitality and our happiness comes back into our own hands.


Professional Bio:

For more than 16 years Dr. Rachel Eppinga has been helping people transform their health and their lives through personalized lifestyle medicine and conscious conversation. As Truth and Wellness guide, she empowers her patients and clients to trust their body’s innate wisdom, to work in collaboration and to take accountable action that leads to the healing and the changes they seek.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Integrative Life and Wellness Coach, Intuitive and an individual who lives her teachings; her unique approach offers new perspectives of wellness through the ancient teachings that remind us that our bodies are sacred and deserve our attention and appreciation.  She believes by prioritizing our own health and self care, we contribute to the healing of our communities and the planet.

Dr. Rachel facilitates retreats and workshops world wide and loves to bring together groups of women with the intention of authentic self expression that leads to collective healing.

She lives in Portland, OR with her dog Emma and her beloved Scott.  

Education and Training:

Dr. Rachel Eppinga is Board Certified in the state of Oregon.  She attended the National University of Natural Medicine to acquire her Doctorate in Naturopathy and Masters of Science in Classical Chinese Medicine. 

Her list of certifications and continuing education is long.  As a physician who strives to stay up to date in her areas of expertise, Dr. Rachel is always educating herself in order to provide the highest quality and most diverse care to her patients and students.

She holds a B.S. in mathematics and physics from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR.