Hello Beautiful Being,

I'm Dr. Rachel.

I am a truth guide on our wild journey home to wellness and vitality.   


I am also a woman living in a human body and here is what I KNOW in my bones:

You are not broken. Your body is not failing or betraying you.

Your body's symptoms are merely a request for your full loving attention.

Together we will get to the ROOT cause of what ails you.  

I believe you can heal.  
I believe you can restore your vitality and a sense of wellbeing; 
improving your life and those around you. 

No one is having YOUR experience but you.  You deserve to feel heard, seen and supported. Our work together will help you to listen to your body like never before.  

With my many years of integrative-functional medical training as well as personal life experience, I will offer you new perspectives and help you to make the life enhancing choices that allow for optimal health, freedom within your body and a transformation of your well being from the inside out.

In our partnership we will create a personalized and sustainable plan where you feel empowered to create a new relationship to how you care, nourish and advocate for yourself.  
This is Wellness care as unique as YOU.

Change your perspective. Transform your life.

What could be possible if you were to get the support you need to optimize your health and live a life you absolutely love?
The time is NOW.

You deserve to feel good.

Dr. Rachel

Individual Sessions

As a Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncturist, I offer a solid scientific foundation combined with grounded spiritual wisdom to be a catalyst for your healing journey. Lifestyle & Whole Food wisdom is my expertise — guiding you to a new way of thinking & feeling about your healing is my genius.  Each session personalized, helping you experience vitality from the inside out.

Vitality Retreats

You are worthy of your desires and your divine impulse to evolve. Healing how we relate to our body, our Self and each other is a critical element in reclaiming whole health.  It is my delight and honor to hold space for women to heal in circle, in ceremony and on retreat. In each other we find ourselves.
Our last retreat in Mexico at Haramara was beyond amazing!
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